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    Dixie® 9 oz. paper cups

    From lemonade to iced tea, these cups are the ideal everyday size.

  • Duo Shield®

    Solo offers Duo Shield, a dual layer, insulated paper hot cup for operators that are interested in eliminating sleeves and double cupping; this line is a great option to upscale any coffee program. Additionally, Solo offers a variety of lids to complete the hot beverage solution including: vented lids liftback and lock tab flat lids domed Traveler® lids Traveler Plus® domed reclosable lids

  • PerfecTouch® 12 oz. Insulated Paper Hot or Cold Cup

    ​ PerfecTouch® 12 oz. Insulated Paper Hot or Cold Cup - These specially insulated cups are available in a variety of attractive designs, giving consumers a higher perception of product quality and elevating business returns. The construction of the PerfecTouch cup extends consumption time while adding confidence in overall product quality. Its outer lining keeps hands comfortable to the touch and eliminates the need for double-cupping.

  • Dixie® Lid Tear Back 10-20 oz. Paper Hot Cups

    ​Dixie® Lid Tear Back 10-20 oz. Paper Hot Cups - "Full-Plug" fit grips the cup from both the inside and outside for an extra secure fit. » Easy tear-back & lock. » Combination lock hole/straw slot. » Can be used for hot and cold drink applications. Dual purpose. » Simple to use.

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