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    Utopia Premium

    Gloss Silk Ivory Silk Best printing surface available, triple-coated, super smooth Optimum surface for heavy ink coverage due to surface levelness and superior ink hold out Gloss has high paper gloss and Silk has a lustrous, understated appeal The single-ply, heavyweight 150-pound cover is unique to the industry Ivory Silk offers a warm, luxurious alternative to blue-white Available in 100- and 115-pound text and 90-, 110-, 130-, and 150-pound cover Ivory Silk is available in 95-pound text and 90- and 110-pound cover Utopia Premium is an FSC-certified, virgin fiber product, and is manufactured with electricity in the form of renewable energy Acid-free and ECF

  • Sterling® Premium

    Sterling® Premium. The only paper you’ll ever want or need. This is the legendary Sterling, totally reengineered for enhanced optics, and an incredible print surface, with full-line choice. An uncompromising combination of premium quality top-shelf service and affordable pricing.

  • Mohawk Kromekote

    ​Arguably the world’s finest printing surface, Mohawk Kromekote’s blue-white, mirror-smooth, triple cast-coated surface is unequaled for ink holdout, ultra ink gloss, and true-to-life photo reproduction. Suitable for any printing technique, Kromekote is available in a vast array of finishes, textures, brilliant colors, burnished metallics, and super heavy basis weights.

  • Teslin SP

    ​Teslin SP (Synthetic Printing) Substrate Teslin SP substrate bonds readily and firmly with toners, inks, adhesives and laminating films. Teslin SP substrate is PPG’s standard synthetic printing product and features several unique characteristics – it’s printable, durable, waterproof, secure and adaptable. Teslin SP substrate is used in nearly every type of printing process, including offset or flexo, thermal transfer and laser or ink jet. Specially designed grades (see Teslin TS, SPID, HD, Digital and IJ substrates) are available to meet the needs of more demanding applications.

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