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    Royal Fingerbowls

    Royal Fingerbowls Moist Towelettes, 5" W x 7" L (1000/Ctn) Convenient wet wipes for wiping hands and faces.

  • JRMI (WW8830) - Lemon-Scented Wet Wipes

    JRMI (WW8830) - Lemon-Scented Wet Wipes - There's nothing worse than trying to clean sticky, dirty hands with a napkin. The napkin pieces stick to your skin and you definitely do not get cleaned. Premium wet wipes can make guests feel more comfortable and are perfect for wiping hands and faces after meals. JRMI has offers Lemon-Scented Wet Wipes (WW8830). Each wet wipe is individually wrapped in an attractive blue wrapper. The wipes are large and thick with a clean lemon scent. Wet wipes are also an ideal solution for hot days when soap and water are not easily accessible.

  • Wet-Nap Moist Towelette

    ​ Wet-Nap Moist Towelette, 5" W x 8" L, White, Paper (100/Pkg, 1000/Ctn) Wet-Nap Moist Towelettes provide convenient clean-up without soap and water.

  • Sani-Hands

    ​ Sani-Hands Hand Sanitizing Food Service Wipes, 6" W x 7.5" L, White, Premoistened (220/Can, 1320/Ctn) These pre-moistened hand sanitizing wipes are formulated for use in food service areas of restaurant, supermarkets and institutional feeding. They contain an emollient to prevent skin from drying.

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