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    Duro Standard

    Duro 1/8 Barrel Sacks, 6-3/4" W x 10-1/8" L x 14-3/8" H, 1/8-Barrel, Short, Brown, Paper (500/Ble) Durable grocery bags.

  • Duro Wolf Grocery Bags

    Duro Wolf Grocery Bags, 4-3/16" W x 6-5/16" L x 13-3/8" H, 10 lb, White, Paper (500/Ble) Quality grocery bags with a large selection of sizes ranging from 30 to 40 lb. basis weight.

  • Duro Lawn and Leaf

    Duro Lawn and Leaf Can Liners, 16" W x 12" L x 35" H, Flat Folded, Brown, Paper, Style: Plain (50/Ble) For leaves, grass clippings, and yard trash, bags are environmentally sound. Many different packaging configurations including shippers and stand-alone displays. 4-color printing is available. Two different paper compositions: 2-ply with virgin kraft inner ply and wet-strength paper outer ply, and 2-ply with wet-strength paper for both the inner and outer ply for extended stability in bad weather.

  • Duro Bag Printed Handle Bags

    Duro Bag Printed Handle Bags, 12" W x 7" L x 17" H, 1/6-Barrel, Brown, Paper, Style: Thank You (300/Ble)

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