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  • PaperSource, Inc.

    Royal Paper (RPP R812W)

    Royal Paper (RPP R812W) - 4" Club Wooden Frill Toothpicks - Assorted color cellophane frill with a wooden construction.

  • Royal Paper (RPP RM115)

    Royal Paper (RPP RM115) - Mint Flavored Cello-Wrapped Wooden Toothpicks - Cello-wrapped toothpicks that come mint flavored.

  • Royal Paper (RPP R820)

    ​Royal Paper (RPP R820) - Round Wooden Toothpicks

  • Thunder Group (BATP001) - Bamboo Tooth Picks

    ​These Bamboo Tooth Picks (BATP001) are brought to you by Thunder Group. These are a great addition to any host station, or for bar use. They are rounded, and bamboo is also naturally anti-microbial. Bamboo has important cultural significance in Asian countries; there are many myths and legends surrounding it. Bamboo is versatile, and is commonly used in creating paper and construction materials. Known for its strength and beauty, these days bamboo is commonly used to create kitchenware, cookware and even flooring.

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