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  • PaperSource, Inc.

    Printing Solutions

    Papersource, Inc., provides Clear Customer Solutions for a Global Market. Printing solutions leads the way. Products for everyday printing needs around the office, home, business or the commercial printing operations.

  • Jan-San Solutions

    Maintaining the state of your facility can be the reason why "they" return. That first impression is many times a lasting impression. Choose from a wide variety of stocked items to keep the operation running squeaky clean.

  • Hospitality

    ​When customers return, they want to always feel WELCOME...they want the feel of home. It is good to know that products you need to bring about this relationship can all be purchased from a single source. These items include many of the well known household names your visitors will be familiar with business demands. Read our case studies to learn more.

  • Foodservice Solutions

    ​Sitting down in comfort to a good meal surrounded by outstanding amenities will always be the best way to end a busy day. Choose from products that will extend the hand of hospitality to your visitors

  • Enviro-conscious Solutions

    ​As global population increases, demand on natural resources increases. Being environmentally conscious is no more than good stewardship. The Earth is where we call HOME... lets take care of it. Here you will find a wide range of products produced and offered with that stewardship in mind.

Corporate Sustainability


The planet we live on is the ONLY place we know we can live... It's the ONLY HOME we have...so far... Well let's keep it clean and friendly. Follow the advice we give our children..."clean your room!!!".

Building the TEAM

Putting the TEAM together...

We believe in CO-Opetition...when resources are pooled and a SINGLE point of CONTACT is known, then your job gets easier. Simply because you can find the brands you want then go on with your day.



PaperSource can offer the widest array of products...simply because we bring manufacturers and top tier suppliers together... ALL under one WebROOF. Shop around...prices are still fair.