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  • PaperSource, Inc.

    Printing Papers

    We offer an extensive product line including coated, uncoated, board, text and cover, writing, carbonless, pressure sensitive papers and more.

  • Envelopes

    We carry ample inventory of standard size envelopes from best-in-class suppliers, including a broad selection of commercial and premium products. Our envelope converting business, Mac Papers Envelope Converters (MPEC), converts and prints an extensive offering of standard and custom envelopes utilizing the latest in equipment and technology.

  • Digital Papers & Substrates

    We feature the broadest lineup of digital papers and products, and our experts will match your paper to the right equipment for the best results.

  • Web Papers

    We offer a wide array of web papers for all of your high-volume printing. From brochures, magazines and catalogs to direct mail, inserts and more, our experienced team will create the right solution for you.

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  • We are committed to sourcing sustainable paper and encourage printers to join our Respect Program
  • We recognize opportunity for increased efficiency and reduced costs on every shipment. Contact us to design a tailored packaging solution for you.
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