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    Impact Naturelle Tampons

    The Complete Menstrual Care System for your Facility. HOSPECO pioneered the concept of providing Menstrual Care Products in Women’s Public Restrooms. It's a necessity. Not a luxury. HOSPECO offers a complete menstrual care solution for the public restroom - from product dispensing to safe and hygienic disposal. Gards, Maxithins, and Dual Dispensers are the leading popular brands. HOSPECO has been the proud Distributor of Tampax tampons though vending machines since 1939. Now introducing the Scensibles® System for Hygienic Disposal.

  • HOSPECO® Dual No. 1 Vendor w/25 Cent Unit

    Hospeco D1 white tampon vending machine for restrooms. Quickly and easily attaches to any restroom wall. Dual vendor holds both tampons (25) and maxi pads (15).

  • Hospeco Tampon Retail Pack

    Safe n Soft Tampons, manufactured by Hospeco, are designed to help effectively manage menstruation. These unscented tampons are available in several absorbencies to meet your unique needs: regular, super, and super plus. Featuring a cardboard tip applicator, too, these tampons are easy to insert and can be flushed after insertion.

  • Impact J10 Triple Vendor White for val #4 1

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