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  • PaperSource, Inc.

    Mohawk Navajo

    Mohawk Navajo is a virtuoso performer on any press. Manufactured with Mohawk’s proprietary Inxwell process, Navajo is the brightest, smoothest uncoated paper available anywhere. Navajo is optimized for both digital and offset presses, delivering brilliant color, high opacity, and superior print quality for all the ways you print. Acid free. 20% recycled.

  • Beckett Cambric™

    Beckett Cambric™ is a refined linen finish paper with extraordinary print quality and unprecedented environmental benefits. Now FSC certified and made carbon neutral within our production processes. In addition, 100% of the electricity used to manufacture Beckett Cambric is matched with RECs. New energized color palette, heavier covers, watermarked writing weights and subtle fibered shades make it the elite choice for business and social communications.

  • Strathmore Script

    Strathmore Script is the “paper of choice" for companies who want to express their environmental values. The entire line is now made carbon neutral within our productions processes plus six new 100% recycled shades that are FSC-certified. Strathmore Script, in Smooth and Pinstripe finish, is also making news with a 99-bright Platinum White and a palette of eight, soft colors. Acid free. 30% recycled and FSC-certified 100% recycled available.

  • Strathmore Elements

    This exceptionally smooth writing, text and cover paper is available in both a solid and an innovative lines pattern. Both provide extraordinary ink holdout and superior opacity for excellent printability and come in three elegant white shades. The lines pattern runs parallel to the grain direction.

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